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Company overview

Thecarefit, an  company, was founded in 2021 on the understanding that quality family care is both a fundamental human need and a key driver of economic growth and empowerment. When children receive quality care in their critical formative years, they are on a path to achievement and success. Women disproportionately shoulder caregiving responsibilities, but when they have supports in place that enable them to work, our economy grows. When seniors receive quality care in their homes, healthcare costs decline with fewer hospital stays. When we have a strong caregiving workforce, all these things are possible. offers of an array of services that enable families to find, manage and pay for care and provide employment opportunities for caregivers. These include a robust suite of safety tools and resources, easy ways for caregivers to be paid and obtain professional benefits, household tax and payroll services for families, and customized corporate benefits packages covering child care and senior care services.

  • For families, our digital platform provides a simple, comprehensive solution for finding, managing, and paying for family care needs including child care, senior care, special needs care, pet care, housekeepers and tutors. Additionally, HomePay provides peace of mind by managing household payroll and taxes for families who employ.
  • For care assistant, we provide a platform for finding high quality jobs, as well as access to benefits that can lead to sustainable, meaningful careers.
  • Our enterprise solution, Thecarefit@Work, helps companies provide care benefits to their employees, making it easier to attract and retain talent and increasing productivity and reducing absenteeism and turnover.

The global care economy is being driven by sweeping demographic shifts and in the coming decades care jobs are projected to be one of the fastest growing job sectors in the world.

Thecarefit was founded with a conviction that human-centered technology and innovation can address real world social challenges—by enabling access to more efficient and affordable family care, and by facilitating quality jobs for the care workforce. By doing so, we are creating a care infrastructure that allows parents the freedom to integrate work and life, women to pursue more rewarding careers, care workers to achieve financial inclusion and stability, and employers to retain better talent and drive productivity.